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New Album:

Σymposium for Peace

 "His guitar strings weave searing messages as though groping in the darkness, grasping for something in the distance and wandering along improvised passageways."


George Nazos -Guitar

Harvie S bass

Joe Abba drums

Tamuz Nissim vocals (track 10,11)

"Tasty work for those moments when only something really meaty will do, this is a snapshot of a real artist taking you behind the curtain. Hot. " Midwest Record ( 'Heat Song' 2020) 
"On "Isn't That Strange" Nazos' liquid guitar work is really quite sublime as is his gentle guitar phrasings on the serene title track."  Jon Neudorf -Sea of tranquility
"Originals that are so smart they can bend light." C Michael Bailey -All About Jazz
"The other real winner hear is George Nazos ability to write  tunes tat are rich inventive and beautiful." Frank Kohl - Cadance Magazine
This music is beautifully infectious.  Dave Rogers WTJU ('Heat Song' 2020)
"virtuoso guitarist George Nazos."  Raul Da Gama-Jazz Da Gama
"sophisticated and imaginative player"   Jazz & Tzaz Magazine

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